Chess Summer Workshop

Ready to advance your chess game? Take it to the next level with our Northwich Summer chess workshop.

Your Move to Mastery

It’s time to elevate from being a casual player to a confident competitor, armed with skills, strategies, and a deeper understanding of the game.

SESSION 1: Elevating Essentials (24th July)

The first step to success is solid foundations. In this session, we reinforce your grasp of key chess concepts and ensure you’ve got your fundamentals locked down. Start your chess journey on the right foot with Elevating Essentials.

SESSION 2: The Art of Attack (31st July)

Dominate the game by making your moves matter! This session focuses on developing your offensive techniques, covering sacrifice, initiative, and advanced tactics. The Art of Attack will transform your offensive game into an unstoppable force.

SESSION 3: Opening Optimisations (7th August)

Begin your game with a winning strategy! We’ll deep-dive into the art of opening strategies, setting you up for a strong mid-game. With Opening Optimisations, you’ll confidently navigate the first moves of any game.

SESSION 4: Maneuver Mastery (14th August)

Every piece matters and so does every move. This session provides a comprehensive guide on strategic piece movement, giving you the skills to control the board effectively. Maneuver Mastery is your key to mastering the game board.

SESSION 5: Endgame Enhancements (21st August)

Every chess player knows the importance of a strong endgame. We’ll help you fine-tune your closing techniques, ensuring your game ends in triumph. Endgame Enhancements is your ultimate guide to successful game closure.

SESSION 6: From Concepts to Conquests (28th August)

It’s time to apply what you’ve learned! In our final session, you’ll participate in simul games, benefit from game analysis, and develop your personal chess style. From Concepts to Conquests is your stepping stone to becoming a more strategic, confident chess player.

If you’re familiar with the basic rules and the value of chess pieces, you’re all set to join us. Remember, chess isn’t just for the greats, it’s for those who dare to become great. Embark on your journey towards becoming a better chess player today. 

Chess Teaches Sportsmanship Develops Problem Solving Skills Brings People Together Teaches You How To Win And Lose Builds Confidence

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