Northwich VS Atherton (29/11/2021)

Board 1:  James Harrison  (1878)                   0.5          Peter Mulleady (2009)   0.5

Board 2: Richard Betts (1868)                        0              Bob Newton (2003)         1

Board 3: Richard Major (1795)                      1              Lee Kay (1972)                   0

Board 4: Liam Daley (1680)                             0              Martin Lythgoe (1870)    1

Board 5: Charles Metcalfe (1653)                 1              Armand Catz (1758)         0

Northwich 2.5                    Atherton 2.5

Match report. This was a big game for us. At home to the league champions and leaders in Division 1 this season. We were outgraded on every board yet with great performances from Richard Major and Charles Metcalfe to win their games and James managing a draw in time trouble in a bishop v Knight and pawn ending we scored a very creditable draw. Well done team!

Here’s an analysis (by Richard Betts) of the game on Board 2

Here is an analysis (by James Harrison) of the game on Board 1

We are due to play Atherton in the Peninsular Cup Final in February. Interesting!

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