Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Match Report

Northwich 3 v Winwick 3 in the Richard Furness 6600 league

Everything was new – new season, new venue, new board one, new result (we didn’t draw a match in the 2019/20 season) at 2-2. 

No signing on fee for James on board one but he started with a very competent win. Aaron and I threw away our unbeaten runs going back over 18 months, but the real fun came from Steve. Two pawns down and struggling he took advantage of Colin’s time keeping, tied him up in knots and pushed him into errors. Colin helped by deciding to give up his queen rather than a knight, then resigned.
Note to captains – The opposition may struggle to find the new venue! If we don’t help them and start the clocks, we could be well in!

– Charles Metcalfe, Team Captain at Northwich Chess Club. 

Below is the game that took place on board one –  J. Harrison (1885) – P. Cornelia (1525) – kindly annotated by new Northwich Chess Club member James Harrison. 

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