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meet like-minded people and make new friends.

We strive to be a friendly, successful and inclusive chess club, organising both competitive and social chess events. 

About our chess club in Northwich.

We are a friendly growing chess club based in Northwich, Cheshire, and we meet up every Monday evening from 7:30 pm onward. We pride ourselves in giving a warm welcome to anyone who loves the magical game of chess and new members are always welcome. 

Northwich Chess club have two teams in the Warrington and District Chess league, so there is plenty of opportunity for competitive chess for those inclined. We have small club tournaments through the summer and friendly games for those players not wanting to play in the league.

So, if you live in or around Northwich and are looking for a friendly chess club that meets every week, then we hope you’ll come along to investigate.

We have finally returned to OTB (Over The Board) Chess and meet on Monday nights at 7.30pm in  The Gladstone Club, Station Rd, Northwich CW9 5RB. 

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News & Ramblings.

Chess Improvers Club

Chess Improvers at The Gladstone Club

First team player James Harrison is running a class for anyone interested in improving their chess. It’s open to all ages and abilities, although especially aimed at those in the 1000-1600 rating range.

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Northwich VS Atherton (29/11/2021)

This was a big game for us. At home to the league champions and leaders in Division 1 this season.

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Northwich Chess Juniors has been inundated with new players ever since opening on October 16th, seeing them immediately expand to a larger venue. A Northwich-based …

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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Match Report Northwich 3 v Winwick 3 in the Richard Furness 6600 league Everything was new – new season, new venue, new board one, new …

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Northwich Chess Club Returns

Northwich Chess Club has made a return to face-to-face game nights after the pandemic. Northwich chess club recently reconvened at The Gladstone Club for its …

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What is Northwich Chess Club doing to revive chess in the area.

Three years ago Northwich were down to a core of 6 players and only one 500 team in WDCL. We nearly closed. We decided to …

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We are a friendly growing chess club based in Northwich, Cheshire, and we meet up every Monday evening from 7:30 pm onward.